Thursday, September 6, 2012


BAKSHO ROHOSSYO DVDRip - KolKata Film Download 

Bakso Rahashya is a Bengali novel by Satyajit Ray featuring the private detective Feluda.Feluda is approached by an established businessman, Mr. Dinanath Lahiri, claiming to have mistakenly swapped his suitcase (baksho) in a train with one belonging to one of his co-passengers and asks Feluda to return it. This apparently simple problem takes Feluda, Topshe and Lalmohan babu to Shimla, and into a realm of deceit and mystery (Bengali: rahashya) involving a long forgotten diamond and an old priceless manuscript titled A Bengalee in Lamaland, written by Shambhu Charan Bose. The other major characters in the story are Dinanath Lahiri, a rich kindhearted businessman, his nephew, Prabeer Lahiri, a struggling actor obsessed with his own voice and Mr. Lahiri's co-passengers on the train- Mr.Naresh Pakrashi, Mr. Brijmohan Kedia and Mr.G. C. Dhameeja,who is also of some importance.
The story is enriched with Feluda's extreme detection capability and another breathtaking adventure. On the way Feluda and the gang face many challenges, but at the end of the story Feluda gets much desired success, and the villain is trapped. Like many other Feluda stories, Jatayu brings the exquisite comic relief in the story and the story becomes enjoyable to everyone.
Script, Story & Music: Satyajit Ray.
Director: Sandip Ray .

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